No pain, no gain!

Medals and Trophies

In 2013 all participants will again receive an appropriate souvenir according to the distance covered. 

The medal or trophy can be obtained at the inscription desks after finishing your last walking day.
Of course, awards are only granted after verification of the scan results at the start, along the way and at the finishing line.

The souvenir you receive will depend on the different distances covered over several days. Each walker only gets one souvenir:

The Four Days of the Yser Medal” is awarded after walking 4 x 32 km;

Walking 4 days in any combination of the 16, 24 and 32 km distances, will make you the proud owner of the “Small Medal”;

If you walk 4 x 16 km OR 3 x 32 km OR 2 x 32 km + 1 x 24 km, you will still receive the “Silver Souvenir Medal”;

Gold pin: at least 2 days, in any combination of the 32, 24 and 16 km distances;

Silver pin: 1 day 32 or 24 km;

Bronze pin: 1 day 16 km.

The 8 km distances will NOT be included when calculatingyour total distance.  You will, however, receive a nice “wristand” each time you cover this distance.