From 2005, both marches of the Belgian Defence, the "Marche Européenne du Souvenir et de l'Amitié" (MESA) and the "Four Days of the Yser" work together to offer, for FREE, an additional souvenir to their most loyal walkers to underline their unique performance.

What kind of souvenir was chosen?

The souvenir is a solid, frosted silverly-coloured medallion, presented in a luxurious box. The medallion is 5 centimetres in diameter and is engraved on both sides.
The front side shows a combination of the medals of both marches on the map of Belgium. The inscription is "Marsen van Defensie – Marches de la Défense". On the back side is the logo of the Belgian Defence with the inscription "Vierdaagse van de IJzer – Marche Européenne du Souvenir et de l'Amitié".

Who is entitled to this medallion?

To be entitled to this unique souvenir, one has to meet two conditions:

  • having participated in the MESA and the Four Days of the Yser in the same calendar year;

Example: participating in the Four Days in 2009 and in the MESA in 2010 (10 months difference) does NOT meet this condition!

  • having completedon both occasions the "4 x 32 km" distance.

Example: abandoning during day 3 of the MESA and walking the Four Days completely or succeeding the MESA but walking only 16 km during day 4 of the Four Days does NOT meet this condition!

I meet the conditions; how do I obtain the medallion?

The participant of the "4 x 32 km" sends a letter mentioning his registration and start number to the MESA AND the Four Days of the Yser to.

Secretariaat Vierdaagse van de IJzer
Matrozenlaan 16
8620 Nieuwpoort

If, after checking the scanning results of both marches, it is confirmed that the walker meets the conditions, the medallion will be sent to him free of charge after October 15th.