The preparation of a new edition of the Four Days of the Yser takes a whole year and it is the job of six men. The work starts the week following the last edition with the drafting of all evaluations, remarks, reviews and lessons learned. This data is incorporated in the next Four Days of the Yser.

The method used deals with all phases of concept, planning, preparation and elaboration of the new routes in all domains : logistics, security, collaboration, publicity, transport, registrations, sponsoring, …



Kapitein-commendant Frederic VANFRAECHEM
Director Four Days
Public relations, press, sponsors,routes security, current affairs





Adjudant-majoor Bart EGGERMONT
Coördinator logistiek & Randanimatie




Adjudant Marc DE COCK
Secretariat, registrations


First corporal-chef Jimmy LAGAUW
Employee Four Days of the Yser, e-mails, warehouseman



First corporal-chef Chris DECEUNINCK
Employee Four Days of the Yser
Fotografie, Lay-out en drukwerken Four Days of the Yser



During the preparation and the Four Days itself, the Executive Committee can rely at all times on the support of the Artillery Battalion.

In the week of the Four Days of the Yser, the Executive Committee is completed with people responsible for the protocol, the medical care, the camps, the catering and the trafic safety.

Many of these belong to the Ordnance Competence Centre (CCMP), the First Element for Medical Support (1EMI), the Military Police and other units of the Belgian Defence.