This year, registering for the Four Days of the Yser will be possible from 01 April. The end date alters depending on the chosen formula.
Given the growing success of the Four Days, it is strongly recommended to register on-line.

On-line registration

You'll find all the information about on-line registering here from 1 April on.

Registering with the registration form

Participants who did not recieve a registration form may obtain a leaflet including a registration form from the secretariat from April on or download it.

The duly completed form can be sent by mail or by fax, before August 12.
Payment will be made by bank transfer.

Registering at the starting place

Participants who wish to register the day of the walk are asked to go to the "registration"booth at the start with thier digital identity card (Belgian residents only). Payment will be made in cash.

Payment Details

Secretariat Four Days of the Yser
Matrozenlaan 16
B-8620 Nieuwpoort.
IBAN: BE02 7350 4225 8440  BIC: KREDBEBB


Hikers that participated in the last three years will be notified personally during the month of March as far as the secretary has a complete address. Those people receive an registration number and an OGM number at the same time. They can go for it at once.

Their data is already in a database; with the registration number, they can easily recall the data. So, they can modify, correct or complete the data and the secretariat will be able to serve them better. The registration number is unique, personal and never changes.

Did you ever participate at the Four Days before that period, then, there is a good chance that your data is already in our database (since 1997). You don't know your inscription number, you lost or forgot it ? You can ask for it here! Your inscription number will be sent tot you as soon as possible.

The OGM number(complete, with stars and slashes) is to be used as the communication on the transfer form. It's valid only in 2018 and it permits the secretariat of the Four Days to settle payments automatically and to check for whom the payment was made.

In all other cases, simply follow the on-screen guidelines. After filling out the necessary data and the chosen formula, a registration number and an OGM number (valid only this year) are generated.

Refund on pre-registration fee:
Refunding the pre-registration fee will onlyhappen if an annulation is received at the secretariat of the Four Days of the Yser before 20 August 2018.
If any cancellation is made afterthis date, the transport costs will not be refunded.